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Good night‘s sleep is extremely important for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. With the right amount of rest, you will be motivated, lively, and in a good mood. Have trouble trying to sleep? We have some great news. It appears that wool pajamas help you to fall asleep almost two times faster as compared to polyester and cotton ones, and it is all because of the thermoregulating properties of the material. At menique you can find breathable, lightweight, and extra-durable pajamas for kids, women, and men that will certainly help to fall asleep faster. Crafted from organic 100% Merino wool, our two-piece pajamas are comfy and stretchy, meaning that they will be perfect not only for beauty sleep but for lazy mornings at the breakfast table as well. With a variety of colors, everyone will be able to find their favorite set of clothing. Experience the soft and gentle touch of Merino wool!