Organic fibers

Comfort, quality, and wearability are paramount. Especially when wearing clothing for many hours a day. However, creating menique clothing alone is not enough. We seek to do the right thing and want to feel good about everything we create. In an effort to be as eco-conscious as possible, we grew to appreciate living sustainably, in harmony with our surroundings.
Therefore, it only made sense to use materials that fit this approach. We knew the importance of the material and worked hard to select the right textile. After long research about the needs of loungewear clothes and the fabrics for that purpose, we have found two fibers on the planet that suited our taste – Merino wool and Linen. As soft on the Earth as they are on your skin.

A team of experienced professionals cut, sew, wash, dye and iron menique pieces. No machine can be smart enough to replace human beings.