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Sustainability at its core

Today, most of us are more conscious than ever about making eco-friendly choices, like switching to reusable shopping bags or turning off lights when not in use. Every little change counts, and we are looking to do our part. At menique, we are on a mission to help you live comfortably, without making our mother Earth uncomfortable. Since menique was founded, our team has worked tirelessly to continue to make our products and packaging more
thoughtful, less wasteful, and more enjoyable. Accordingly, we believe that our customers can be both socially and environmentally conscious about their clothing without losing great pleasure. Instead of selling fashion, we put all of our time on improving functional products that stay in your daily rotations for seasons after seasons Each step toward sustainability is an opportunity to better ourselves. That is the pounding heart of menique.

We decided to share with you our point of view in the hope that it helps encourage positive change.

Always and ever

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