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How it all started

Back in 2015, a small group of passionate comfort loving individuals was inspired to create something unique that no one else has yet made or even thought of. Something vibrant and fresh but still classic. The idea came to design form-fitting clothes for movement, adventure, and everyday life. In other words, pieces that stand for a way of doing things differently, pieces that put practicality and functionality together. Whether you are lounging around the house or enjoying active weekends. Therefore, the enthusiasts dedicated all their energy to the calling path. They did not eat, they did not sleep, they did not rest until they were satisfied. Well, these people are us, and we are believers.
From the beginning, we have believed in the power of comfort – that is what makes us different from others. Who does not love the idea of feeling completely comfortable all day long while simultaneously looking good? This thought gave birth to menique. The first apparel was created back in 2016, in the heart of Europe, Lithuania. Since that, all the garments have been made for a person who is free inside and out. Our brand was a direct response to a gap in the market, which lacked well-made athletic garments for everyday use. On top of that, our focus has always been to empower you to enjoy the benefits of living. Most importantly, menique listens to what you need and gives what you are looking for.

This was the start of an amazing trip – and it still is. Now, we are inviting you to enjoy and witness our journey together.

Love at first wear