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June 07, 2021 3 min read

A hundred years ago, you would have clothes for the street, clothes for lunch, clothes for the restaurant, and so many other genres of garments. Thanks to the innovative attitude, however, those barriers no longer exist. With no need to change clothes or struggle in heels during a long day, no wonder why it has become completely okay to lounge about in your gym wear. Personally, we think Merino wool is the best material that can be easily worn for both exercise and everyday. Read on to find out where and how you can wear Merino apparels.

✔️ Casual work outfit

More than ever our busy and stressful lives require comfortable and practical clothes. So, athleisure is the answer. Can you wear an athletic Merino top to the office? These days, yes – you can. Thanks to classy and modern design, you can now secretly spice up your office outfits with casual wear. If you do not want to look messy, stick to black, blue, or the primary colors. And pairing short sleeve t-shirt from menique with office pants can transform ‘lazy’ to ‘superb’. Still unsure? A stylish traditional watch can help to tone down the gym look vibe. Above that, superfine Merino fabric is luxurious enough to wear against even the most sensitive skin – it does not provide the itchy or unpleasant feeling.

✔️ First date look

Rushing from work to romantic dinner and need a quick change? Date-night activities may vary from picnics in the park to outdoor concerts, so deciding what exactly to wear can be extremely difficult. We highly recommend you to get creative, particularly, when it comes to mixing garments and layering. Black on black never disappoints, and with a black long sleeve top with jeans combo, you will never go wrong. Bonus: with meniquecrew, you will feel great from the moment you put it on. Plus, you can throw it in your suitcase and never worry about it looking disheveled (Merino wool does not wrinkle, no matter how crumpled up it gets). And finally, the sensational piece will keep you cool and scent-free, ensuring you will not be sweating through your date. 

✔️ Weekend vibes

Are you head away for a weekend break with family? Want to make sure your beloved ones are at their utmost comfort level throughout an entire day? Weekends are for diving into loungewear, that is why we know you are looking for Merino. Usually, when you think of wool, you probably picture the itchy sweater your grandma knit for you. However, this is not the case with Merino wool. Like cashmere, Merino is a natural fiber that feels sensationally smooth and soft, and it can be equally, if not more, durable. Besides, the long sleeve tops and base layer bottoms are the year-round answer for children, no matter how brutal the weather is. Make the most of your upcoming weekend because the natural and antimicrobial woolen pieces help the body to regulate temperature while retaining warmth even when wet.

✔️ High-performance style

Whether you are a fitness fanatic looking to expand your training wear or a beginner heading down on a ski holiday for the first time, Merino has your back. In fact, clothes made of this 100% organic fiber are durable, retaining the shape, and insanely elastic – a wonderful choice for hiking, running, and more. With all the emphasis on confidence, Merino apparels flow with your body’s natural movements in a way that just feels right. For example, the sleeveless tank top from menique is an ideal gym piece which moves moisture away from the body before the vapor turns into sweat. Need some items for a ski trip? Layering, especially with pieces like Merino wool trousers, is the most efficient way to keep the body cool and ventilated. Each fiber of wool has a protective layer that naturally repels water for ultimate dryness and warmth.

People should not worry much about what others would or think but give importance to their comfort and priority. Merino clothing works anytime, anywhere, and focuses on two promises: performance and style. That is why we developed our line of Merino wool clothing that is ideal for your wardrobe. Let us tell you, all you have to do is wear it once, just once. And you will want to wear it all the time, every day. Jump right in and it will be the best decision you made; Find what feels good and say goodbye to your gym bag.