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December 05, 2022 6 min read

Oh, baby, it is cold outside (again?)… And it is not only a song. As the cool and breezy days are vastly approaching, we need to think about the ways we can wrap ourselves in warmth. Whether you are going for a run or enjoying a snowball fight with your family – without the right winter equipment getting sick is pretty easy. Probably you and your little one do not want to spend this snowy and exciting season in bed. Therefore, searching for comfy accessories that would save you and your baby from frosty weather is a must.

Today, we are going to present the must-have pieces for winter and talk about what should be taken into consideration when choosing cozy accessories for both children and adults.

Keep your head in the game

When you are thinking about cool and snowy winter, a comfy hat is probably the first thing that pops in your head (at least it should be). Taking care of your head and ears is definitely a must during the winter season. But there are a few things that should be considered before buying a hat – its size, material, and type.

First things first, do you know what size of hat you need? If not, just take a tape measure or a string and measure your head about one-half inch above your eyebrows. When you know these numbers, finding the right-fit headwear will be super easy and quick. However, if it is still unclear, there are some one-sized hats that wonderfully suit all types of heads.

Womanholding her red hat

As for the material, typically hats are made from fleece, acryl, or wool. Fleece and acryl, although soft and cozy, are synthetic fibers, meaning that they could easily irritate sensitive skin or cause some allergic reactions. A natural fiber, such as wool, might be a better option. Wool retains heat but has some moisture-wicking properties which helps to stop sweating. If you choose the right type of wool, it will definitely exceed your expectations. For example, Merino wool differs greatly from the traditional one as it is much softer, non-itchy, and breathable. Merino wool hats due to its quick-drying and thermoregulating properties would be perfect not only for winter but warmer weather as well. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your winter hat should match your lifestyle and fulfill your outfit. Soft-to-skin beanies are extremely stylish and flow amazingly with casual clothes, whereas for a more sporty look you could choose caps (however, they are not that warm as beanies) or balaclavas. Comfy balaclavas can be worn under the helmet or used as ski masks for your skiing, snowboarding, or hiking activities because they gently slip over the head and cover the face, ears, mouth, and nose, keeping you extra warm. Whether for your daily routines or active sports, choose the right-fit headwear according to your wishes and style.

If you are not a beanie or a cap person, but still want to keep your ears toasty during winter, a headband could be a perfect alternative. When going for a run outdoors or doing yoga in your living room, a wideband will be your favorite sportswear accessory suitable for all 4 seasons, wherever you decide to do your workout. Comfortable headbands will not only hold your hair but also keep you away from sweating. Sweatbands, made from Merino wool, are extremely stretchy, soft, and odor-resistant, and will certainly keep you cozy during chilly days outside.

Woman and man holding their hands outdoors winter

Prepare your neck for freezing wind

Frosty weather with an endless string of sneezing and sniffling… Seems familiar, right? Hmm, is there anything you can do to ward them off? You probably not going to believe it, but scientists say that a scarf could help a lot. Neck is one of the most sensitive parts that need extra warmth during chilly days outside. Going for a walk with your lover or playing in the backyard with your kids, whatever you are doing, a cozy scarf will keep you heated and protect you from freezing weather. 

When thinking about scarves, we tend to search for the thickest one to wrap around our neck, however, it is the quality of the material that should matter most. During winter you want a scarf that would keep the heat inside without making you all sweaty, thus it should have great moisture control and breathability. Typically winter scarves are made from cotton, cashmere, or wool. Natural, breathable, and water-resistant fibers definitely give the needed warmth. Although you may have heard that wool is itchy and uncomfortable, both Merino wool and cashmere are extremely soft-to-skin and do not irritate the skin. Bonus: besides making you feel great in frosty weather, scarves from natural fibers can be stylish accessories that fill up your outfit too.

If you do not like to tangle yourself in too much fabric, but still want to keep your neck cozy, a neck gaiter could be a great alternative. Loveable by sportspeople, neck warmers offer moisture-wicking and thermoregulating features, which are extremely important during outdoor activities. Neck gaiters usually cover not only the neck, but the face, ears, nose, and mouth too. Especially during these pandemic times, a breathable neck warmer could be used as a face mask too. With a variety like that, you can easily mix and match different shades of neck gaiters and bring some colorfulness to your outfit. 

Couple standing outside during wintertime

Get ready for hand-full walks

During winter we are caught up with all sorts of activities outside, such as cleaning up the snow from your front yard, going for a walk while on the phone, or playing a snow fight with your children. As you are using your hands in doing pretty much anything, you should be looking for gloves that are soft, comfortable, and certainly non-itchy. The most popular materials for making gloves are leather, wool, and polyester. Leather is extra durable and perfectly traps the body heat, but tends to run a little bit stiff. As for synthetic polyester, with the right amount of insulation it could make great gloves for skiing or snowboarding. Wool, on the other hand, is a more versatile, breathable, and antimicrobial material, which suits for all types of weather.

Gloves are not only about keeping your fingers heated. They can be a stylish accessory as well. With a huge variety of colors and patterns that are available these days, you can easily mix and match your gloves with different outfits (and different fabrics too). If you are going to a fancy dinner with your friends or family, leather gloves will bring that sophisticated vibe. Whereas, if you are in your casual clothes, taking a long walk, soft and snuggly Merino wool gloves would work greatly. Plus, on gloomy winter days, colorful and bright gloves would be a unique and stylish detail of your outfit, and would certainly cheer you up.

Keep your toes dry and warm

Socks, socks, socks. Everything is about socks. How can we forget them? The first thing that gets too cold while being outside is your toes (do not even argue)! Thus, the winter outfit is definitely not full without toasty and cozy socks. But a few things should be considered first – the length and fabric of stockings. 

As it is the winter season, ankle or calf-length socks will not do too much, but a little bit longer ones will work perfectly with winter boots and will not let the chilly breeze come in. Talking about the material, usually socks are made from cashmere, cotton, or Merino wool. Because it tends to trap moisture, cotton socks (sadly) are more indoor than outdoor kind of accessories. Cashmere and Merino wool stockings, on the other hand, are thermoregulating, odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking, which are the main qualities you should be looking for in socks. Even when you are running, hiking, or playing with your little buddies – cashmere or Merino wool slippers will be your favorite thing to wear during the frosty season.

Socks can be fun too! If dark and gloomy weather outside spoils your mood, then colorful slippers will certainly bring up that smile of yours. Green, pink, blue, or brown – choose the pair you like the most. Oh, and a variety of patterns... Even the pickiest person will find their favorite stockings. It is not only about keeping your feet toasty. Amusing and funny socks could be your unique style detail as well.  

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, you get to choose what kind of gloves or socks you want to buy, however, it looks like natural fibers are much more suitable for covering up your and your kids’ most sensitive parts. Functionality certainly comes first, thus we highly recommend choosing winter accessories made from organic and high-quality materials. Do not let cool and breezy days destroy your plans – have fun while building a snowman with your little buddy or walking with your dog in the nearby forest. Discover our colorful winter pieces from 100% Merino wool that will work perfectly for intense workouts, casual walks with your lover, or snowball fights with your children.