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November 14, 2023 6 min read

December is almost here. So are you ready for the biggest festivity of this year? Yes, we‘re talking about Christmas – the most anticipated and wonderful time of the year, where Christmas-themed songs and decorations never end. This is also the season of the upcoming Christmas fever and biggest congestion of the year, where people are desperately trying to find the right presents for their beloved ones.


Most of the shopping centers have already started the preparation for the massive influx of people. Shelves are loaded with various types of useless gifts, such as giant plush toys, personalized mugs, ugly Christmas sweaters, or socks. Although we have lots of presents we can choose from, finding a sustainable and thoughtful one still causes headaches, doesn’t it?


In this article you’ll find valuable insights about sustainable Christmas and a few tips on how to keep your favorite time of the year more eco-friendly. Those, who are looking for less wasteful and more thoughtful presents, will find some organic Christmas gift ideas, that are a perfect fit for infants, toddlers, men, and women.


Terrifying statistics

Are you one of those people, who postpones gift searching for the last minute and then buys unthoughtful, meaningless presents to ALL of your relatives, thinking that it’s the right thing to do? Well, in 2019, more than 60% of Americans admitted that they got at least one unwanted present. Sad truth: this adds up to roughly 15 billion dollars being spent on gifts, that weren’t necessary. What would you do with a present that you don’t like or need? Well, more than a half of respondents said that they gave those gifts to someone else, exchanged, sold, or threw them away. It seems like an enormous waste of money and time…


And that’s not all of it. Think about our beloved Earth, which gets to process all these unwanted gifts and the packaging as well. According to statistics, Americans annually discard around 11 billion dollars on packaging material. The numbers are huge. All the waste goes directly to the landfills, where things aren’t that merry and bright as at your house during Christmas. The bacterial decomposition, which happens after unnecessary materials are thrown away, produces “landfill gas” which has a 25 times greater impact on climate change compared to carbon dioxide. 


Little changes in our daily life, such as thinking about more sustainable and environment-friendly Christmas gifts, could make a powerful impact. Why waste money on small and unthoughtful trifles, when you can buy long-lasting and organic ones? These will give a smile on your beloved one’s face and, at the same time, will keep the Earth clean.


6 Secret (or not) Tips for Sustainable Holidays

Probably now you’re asking yourself how to avoid excessive waste and get the perfect presents that your family and friends will love to unwrap? We’re going to share one (or six) tip, that will definitely give you an idea on how to maintain sustainable and festive Christmas while buying thoughtful gifts.


1. Choose carefully

Think before you act, they say. Well, this can be applied here too. Before going to the shops and buying everything that comes to your eyes, take your time, sit and carefully think about the gifts that you want to give to your relatives or friends. Do they need another notebook or a pair of Christmassy slippers? A huge number (as you already know) of unwanted presents goes directly into the trash, thus choose your Christmas gifts carefully. 


2. Longevity is a must

How many times did you get an ugly sweater, festive socks, or cups? Probably once or twice in your life. Did you use them again? Probably not (or only on holidays). These are the boring, unthoughtful, and wasteful gifts that nobody wants. Thus, be more innovative: try to look for things that can be used all year long, not only on Christmas. Instead choose organic and long-lasting gifts, such as recycled glassware, bamboo socks, or natural woolen gloves. Longevity is a must for a sustainable Christmas present, don’t you think?


3. Only certified gifts

Why only certified gifts, you may ask? Well, you’re looking at tips for sustainable holidays, so certified products mean that they’re safe for the environment and don’t contain any harmful substances for human health. For example, you could choose organic clothing (warm sweaters and long-sleeve basics) or accessories (gloves and scarves), which are made from natural fabrics and materials. 


4. Homemade crafts

If you’re thinking that Christmas is only about presents (although that seems like a lot of fun), you’re completely fooled. It’s actually about spending some quality time with your family and friends. Although the pandemic ruined a lot of holidays, hopefully, this year you’ll be able to visit your closest family and friends and celebrate traditions. Remember, you don’t always need to buy Christmas presents – you can make them by yourself. This small gesture will show how much you cherish your friends and, most importantly, it could actually bring more joy for both of you. Who wouldn’t like homemade ginger cookies or apple pie (mmm…yummy)?


5. Try a gift card

If you’re not sure what your loved ones would like to get for Christmas (and it’s quite a frequent case), a gift card could be a sweet and pleasant surprise. A small gift card won’t require a lot of packaging or extra preparation, and the receiver can pick whatever he or she likes or needs. Always the right style, color, and size. Seems like an easy choice? Indeed it is, but you’re allowing your loved ones to choose their gift by themselves.


6. Save your time – shop online

Remember that huge congestion and massive influx of shoppers that we’ve mentioned earlier? No more rushing, heavy traffic, and long lines at the shopping center (phew) – shop online. Settle on your sofa and start scrolling through the huge variety of shops and products. This way you’re saving your time, fuel, and our beloved Earth, as less carbon dioxide is being emitted. If you already know what to buy (if not – go back to the first tip), ordering gifts online will be quick, easy, and pleasant. 


Extra Idea: Christmas Gift for Kids, Women, and Men

Since you’ve read all the given tips, now you’re ready for buying sustainable and considerate gifts. Thus, we have a suggestion – organic clothing and accessories, made from bamboo, cotton, or wool. These would be excellent Christmas gifts, suitable for all – infants, toddlers, women, and men. 

Eco-friendly menique ppackaging


Every natural fiber usually has a lot of valuable qualities – it is soft, breathable, flexible, durable, and odor resistant. Therefore, the fabrics are environmentally friendly, meaning that they tend to biodegrade (or come back to Earth) very quickly without any impact on the whole environment.


For example, Merino wool can be distinguished from other materials as it is thermo-regulating, meaning it can protect your body from weather changes and regulate its temperature. Furthermore, garments, made from Merino wool, have antimicrobial properties and moisture control. Clothing is lightweight, non-itchy (important quality!), and stain-resistant. Because of high-level qualities, Merino wool clothing and accessories could be wonderful Christmas gifts, suitable for all types of people.


Organic Clothing and Accessories at menique


At the menique you’ll find products made from 100% Merino wool, sourced directly from a family farm in New Zeeland (far, far away). Looking for a sustainable Christmas gift for the whole family, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, or dad? From soft, warm, and durable scarves to pajamas – you’ll definitely find a gift that your closest relatives or friends will love to unwrap this holiday season.


Imagine the whole family on Christmas morning wearing cute and cozy, matching two-piece pajamas. How good family insta pics near the Christmas tree would look! Royal cherry, dark green, natural, or perfect grey – joyful Christmassy vibe is guaranteed. Merino wool sets are so universal that you can easily use them as pajamas, loungewear, or activewear. One clothing for all occasions – seems like a dream, doesn’t it?


Warm accessoriescould bring Christmas joy as well. Unisex colorful neck gaiters or headbands will be an excellent gift for active people, who like to spend their time outside, especially while working out – comfy accessories will keep them warm (but not sweaty). On the other hand, stylish and warm scarves as well as beanies will be welcomed with a smile by fashion-lovers. Royal cherry or dark green color will be perfect for the Christmas season and long after that.


The last word

At the end of the day, the decision of what kind of Christmas gift to buy depends solely on you. However, looking at the numbers above of how many gifts are unwanted and thrown away, sustainable, natural, and long-lasting presents seem just a better way to go. Let’s contribute to greener Christmas with natural and sustainable gifts, and make it count!