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February 20, 2024 3 min read

Known as a popular alternative to synthetic materials, antibacterial Merino wool is a natural fiber with a full package of unique properties. The revolutionary knitted fabric breathes well, helping to regulate the body’s temperature as well as wicking away moisture from your skin. Therefore, this ensures you will stay comfortable, whatever the season. Because what can be better than apparels that look great and feel wonderful too? Effortlessly sophisticated and timelessly beautiful, it’s always a smart choice for the contemporary and clean wardrobe.

Once you have fallen for the charms of Merino clothes, you will be thrilled to discover how easy they are cared for. Since the wicking piece can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor, the fabric tends not to create static electricity, meaning it is stainproof, attracts less dust or mud particles, and requires less washing. But still, it is important to give this amazing wool the attention it deserves, so we have rounded up some tips on how to wash your Merino essentials.

Use a gentle cycle

While today’s machines make the task easier, the choice that must be made before starting the washer is extremely important. Because of the way Merino fibers are structured, overhandling can cause damage, for this reason, you must choose a gentle cycle, especially for those apparels which are made from 100% wool. The lower speed and shorter cycle will help to prevent stretching and ripping of material. Make sure that the machine is not too tightly packed and that the garments can move freely during laundering.

Turn inside out

Laundry has so many rules, and you have to obey all of them in order to prevent any damage. Wash your Merino wool apparels inside out to keep them looking new longer. In this way, the wrong side of the garment takes all the abuse caused by the agitation of the washing machine. By the way, remember all of the fluids coming from your body? Well, they are primarily on the inside of your clothing, so you are going to want to make sure that the dirtiest parts of the piece get the most attention.

Go color-safe

Can be anything more frustrating than ruining clothes with bleach? While it may help to make whites whiter, it can also stain colored apparels and destroy delicate Merino wool. Then, if you are thinking of the fabric softener, skip it too. Unfortunately, this product coat the Merino fibers and reduce their natural ability to breathe, wick moisture, and regulate temperature. On top of that, do not forget to make sure that other apparels in the washing machine are similar to your Merino garments in terms of color, weight, and label instructions.

Allow to air-dry

Since the heat and tossing can damage the shape and the quality of wool, the best way to dry it is in the open air. Merino wool fibers are amazingly breathable and feature quick-drying properties, meaning you can hang the items from a clothesline or lay them flat to air-dry. Just like that, you will reduce your environmental footprint and further extend the life of each staple. However, never leave your garments on the radiator or in direct sunlight to prevent them from fading.

Iron with care

At a microscopic level, each Merino wool fiber is like an elastic spring which returns to its natural shape after hours of wear. This gives wool apparels a natural wrinkle resistance – making them a great option to always have packed in your suitcase. However, if you somehow managed to crumple up your cute t-shirts, do not worry, use a cool or specific wool setting and always turn your staples inside out. The same rule goes for your blankets, towels, and bed sheets. Be very careful and you will never experience the heartbreak of iron stain.

While you should always check the instructions on the tag, these general techniques retain your apparels in great shape. Good care will help keep Merino looking beautiful and feeling luxuriously soft. By being a little more careful in the way you clean or store your clothes, you can get months and even years of extra wear out of each piece. Do all you can to preserve your wardrobe – no one likes it when colors fade and fabric wears out.