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November 17, 2020 4 min read

From having an epic snowball fight and snowboarding in the mountains to going sledding and enjoying some hot chocolate, winter provides a great opportunity to experience nature in a completely different way. Thinner crowds, and there’s more silence. Without leaves on the trees, you can see more of the beautiful landscape – powdery snow covers everything like a woolly white blanket and makes it a picturesque panorama.

However, December also brings us closer together and reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – lie under the blanket with loved ones, get cozy between a pile of pillows as you watch a movie, and build a blanket fort with kids. It’s the perfect time to gather together with family and celebrate the season. Plus, the look at the calendar reveals many holidays coming up in our own ways. 

And although this year's gatherings will be unlike previous ones – we won't be having huge get-togethers – just looking around at outfits for the whole family is always fun, right? Whether you'll be cooking some cute treats or hanging with your fam before taking a Christmas photo shoot, you definitely need a comfortable fit to treat yourself and your sweet ones with this holiday season. Because we all deserve cute and comfortable head-to-toe warmth right now.

✔️ Matchy-matchy look

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the world and our daily lives, it can feel like it’s hard to find any fun in a day-to-day routine. But you can make your life a lot easier with matching clothing, especially at this time of the year. Twinning with our sweet ones is the way we express love for each other. And, in today’s frenzied world, a break to spend some time with your dearests is all you need. Finally, nothing says winter and Christmas like your family in matching clothes.

There are plenty of ways to match your look with your family rather than just a custom printed t-shirt with your names emblazoned on the back. If you’re looking for a more versatile and functional look, we highly suggest you to try thermal base layers. They are cozy as if someone is wrapping their arms around with a big hug, and perfectly meet a strict “pajamas for Christmas morning” policy.

When it comes to choosing the best thermals, the fabric is one of the biggest factors. Which material to choose is up to you, but Merino wool is the new way to go – it’s extra warm, moisture-wicking, and handles all the movements. Additionally, the natural material is great for kiddos – your mini will enjoy the wonderful holiday adventures and you do not have to worry whether they are feeling really comfortable. For many of us, Christmas is all about acting like a child – and why not reflect that in your wardrobe? Wrap yourself and kids in a red, green, and white festive color palette.

✔️ Not just for Christmas

Although it may not seem very crucial, sharing the same style makes kids feel special. From father-and-son duos to mother-and-daughter mini-mes, it boosts kids’ self-esteem and the feeling of belonging. Dressing your kiddos in the same clothes as you is a perfect way to bond that’s fun for both of you. And the cherry on top is, you can do this more than once a year.

However, if you want to get successful results, it’s important to control your extravagant desires and not get too carried away. For instance, don’t start wearing all matching clothes from head to toe daily. Instead, choose one matching piece (long sleeve crew, athletic leggings), have the same accessory (scarf, beanie hat), or pick the same color.

Listen, there’s a limited window when it comes to getting your kids to dress what you want them to – blink and you’ll miss it. So, while you have the power, make the most of it, and what better way to do that than to have them dress like your very own mini-me?! One of the things that's lovely about parent-child twinning is that gender doesn't matter here: mom can wear crews to match their son's apparel, dad is twinning tees with their daughters. It's never been easier to dress like a kid. Or like an adult?

✔️ Start Preparing

The winter season really is the most magical time of the year, isn’t it? Between getting together with our families and sipping hot cocoa next to the fire with beloved-ones, there are plenty of things to look forward to during this festive season. Of course, with so many indoor activities swirling around your schedule, we’re sure you’ll need a perfect outfit – a matching one.  Whether you’re looking for mini-me sets or cute couple co-ords, menique will help to spark some style inspiration, or at the very least, give you an idea of what to wear when you’re on the way of opening the gifts.