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November 17, 2020 4 min read

Trouble sleeping? Tired of tossing and turning at night? You are not alone – we’ve all been there, struggling to wake up refreshed. Anxiety, stress, and overthinking are just some of the reasons that can cause an increase in tossing at night. But the more you worry about not catching enough slumber, the worse your sleeping habits become, and the more it starts to impact your overall health.

Getting a good night’s sleep might sound like an impossible mission when you’re wide awake at 2 a.m. but you’ve much more power over the quality of your ZZZ’s than you probably realize. There’re tons of advice out there for how to rest better, from having a warm bath to cutting down on caffeine and nicotine. But if you've tried all of these strategies, and your nights are still restless, then the surprising answer to your problems could be a new pajama.

Believe it or not but comfortable jammies can make or break a good night’s sleep. When it comes to everyday clothes, you always plan your outfits when you’ve got a dinner with friends lined up, a huge-importance meeting in the morning, or a road trip. But why not when you have to sleep? Maybe it’s because you don’t need to go out in public in your nightwear. While it may seem easiest to wear an old shirt, doing so can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Obviously, if you have to keep adjusting your clothes every time you wiggle, it’s going to affect your quality of sleep.

Think about it: PJs are the closest thing on your skin and slipping into the right ones can double your chances to catch some dreams. But the truth is that selecting your pajama can be as hard as picking an evening dress. Therefore, we invite you to read our handful tips on how to make the right purchase. After this getting your nightie will be like a piece of cake.

✔️ Go natural

Yes, your favorite worn-out T-shirt is very comfy, but there comes a time when you need real nightwear that is both functional and soft to the touch. To be truly peaceful, you need to focus on the fabric – since it’s responsible that you fall into a deep and restful sleep each night. PJs are made from many different materials, with different properties, and you can select which fabric suits your lifestyle. However, we recommend sticking with natural ones.

Have you ever worn a cloud that you wrapped around yourself, making you float up into the sky? No. We neither. But that’s not so far off what it feels like to wear Merino wool. According to studies, wearing Merino instead of other fibers, adults are falling asleep at least 10 minutes faster, and children are getting at least 4 minutes extra sleep in wool. With the time constraints of modern-day life, these are precious minutes helping us to wake up more energized.

Clothes featuring ultra-light breathable Merino material have been proven to help you sleep deeper and longer by regulating your temperature and moisture to keep you at the right degree the whole night. In addition, Merino wool features long itch-free fibers that do not feel rough on your body (or may disrupt your sleep), therefore, the smooth texture in clothes is skin-friendly and better tolerated than other fabrics. Merino wool pajamas are also a great option for kids – the fabric is durable yet soft with some stretch for easy movement.

✔️ Fit matters

Comfort is a complete deal-breaker when it comes to buying clothes you wear to bed. So, if you take your sleep time seriously, then you should know that a great pajama should be cut to fit well without bagging, bunching, or squeezing. And the waistband should snuggle just right – not too tight and with no gaps. Before buying online, take some time to check the size charts and make sure you’ve selected style that will complement your body. Pay just as much attention to the way your sleeping suit fit as you do for choosing your jeans.

Much like handbags and shoes, the pajama set is a personal choice. Some love the idea of wearing women’s shorts and matching tops to bed on warmer nights. Others prefer full-length bottoms and long sleeve crews for a more classic look. With so many options out there, one thing is certain: You can still look and feel amazing, even when you're in bed.

✔️ Consider details

You won't get those dreamy snoozes if you're constantly rolling, thinking about the collars, popping the buttons, or stretching out the waistband. Not only is extra time spent getting comfortable, there’s the added fuss from not wanting to move because of it. To avoid that, decide what you want in your apparel: What type of neckline do you like the best? Do you want buttons? Pockets?

Those little extras may add some style to your look, and they can also help certain garments fit a little bit better and more securely, but make sure that they don’t affect your comfort zone. When it comes to fashion, it might seem like comfort is the one thing you have to sacrifice. However, this is not the case for jimjams.

✔️ Spoil your feet

Did you know that having chilly feet can sabotage your sleep? So, what’s the solution?  Normal or not, it may be smart to consider wearing socks – this increases blood flow to feet and heat loss through the skin, which helps lower core body temperature. When you’re at a comfortable temp, it’s naturally easier to get some rest. In fact, some research has shown that wearing socks to bed can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep by as much as 15 minutes. So, your feet waited all day long for their chance to slide into socks and relax. Reward them for their patience with the comfort, support, and ultimate softness.

It's never too late to regain control of your sleeping habits, and wearing the right clothes is one of the first steps which can help you to drift off to dreamland in no time. The right pair of PJs is a true luxury for every woman, man, and kid. Paying attention to these details will lead you to the best choices in terms of fabric and fit. Let’s the good night’s sleep begin!