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June 07, 2021 4 min read

Mommy, why is there a goat on my tee?

I am really glad you noticed it. Well, this little goat is the face of the store from which we bought your new clothes. As you have already noticed, the shape of the symbol reflects a wooly mammal with horns. In such a case, this animal stands for the warmth and gentleness to represent special features of the company’s products. However, the goat, though, is not just a goat. If you look carefully, you can see a small heart in the middle which stands for comfort, reliability, and joy. All the small things that make life big. 

Where does my t-shirt come from?

Your shirt’s journey begins in a Merino sheep farm located in New Zealand. An authentic place, surrounded by mountains, ice-carved fiords, forests, and alpine lakes, has big grassy paddocks where the sheep live. Just imagine how beautiful it is. Well, Merino sheep have thick fur called wool that grows continuously like your hair does. The wool is cut off every year, like a haircut, and spun into threads called yarn. Then, the yarn is shipped in Lithuanian factory, and here it is knitted into a fabric or warm clothing for us to wear.

Do sheep feel pain when getting a haircut?

No worries, baby. Sheep grow a thick wool layer every year, and every year it needs to be cut off. Usually, in the spring, just before they would naturally change their winter coat. If we do not shear the sheep, the coat just grows, grows, and grows causing a number of problems. The excess wool can result in discomfort, heat stress, and blindness. Sheep can overheat in the summer, have troubles walking or running, and their ability to eat becomes compromised. For this reason, a new sheep haircut is crucial for the health and well-being of an animal.

Why is it called Merino wool?

There are many different types of sheep’s wool, but you do not need to know all of them. The thing that makes it, well, different, is actually the animal that it comes from. Merino wool simply comes from a Merino sheep which primarily are grown in countries like New Zealand or Australia. Recognized as one of the world’s oldest and softest breeds of sheep, Merinos were discovered in Spain a long, long time ago. The wool itself has particular properties which make it one of the most popular materials for hand-knitting yarns.

When can I wear my new shirt? Is right now okay?

Yes, you can. This cutie is everything you need right now and not later. Whether you are playing, napping, or anything between, I believe you will feel extra special in it. Knitted from Merino wool (we talked about it earlier), your new long sleeve shirt is the perfect top that can easily be worn for the next change in weather. Just so you know, your tee is good for you and the Earth – it will not hurt the planet. Amazing, right? Okay, hurry, change clothes and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait to look at you!

Woooow, why it is so soft and cozy like a blanket?

Oh, I just knew you were going to ask me that. From what I know of clothing fabrics, Merino is the most beloved wool in the world. But what makes it so special? The Merino sheep grow wool that is super-soft and gives the warm, huggable feel, making it way better than the sweater your grandma knitted you for your birthday. Even your skin, which is extremely sensitive, can appreciate it. When wearing Merino, you are not just wearing some material. You are enjoying the greatest pleasure, the most important and happiest time of your life.

Mommy, I want to be a soccer player today. Do I need to change my clothes?

You do not need to change your clothes. You can be whatever you want to be – a soccer player, a doctor or even a superhero. There are no limitations, no boundaries for your wishes, especially when your new menique clothes are here for every day, every weather, and every adventure. Do you remember when you wanted to be a cowboy? Your old trousers were torn after the first rodeo. But now, the new ones are much stronger. I believe this apparel might be the only thing you want to wear ever. It dries in a wink of an eye. It does not itch one bit. It is super easy to care for. That is the real value which makes my laundry day simpler.

Why do not I need a jacket today, Mom?

Today, it is totally fine to go outside without wearing a jacket. Jump in your new romper and explore the big world. Pure wool clothing keeps you toasty warm and there is no need to wear multiple layers which leave no room for you to move or play. Additionally, breezy or cloudy days are no big deal in this romper, because Merino wool is light enough to trap heat and block the wind. Ready for wiggly adventures? Only the best for you, baby.

Hey, Mooom? Can I wear this to the beach?

Oh, I almost forgot we are going to the beach today. Grab your menique top! Merino wool is not only suitable for freezing winters. In fact, you can wear it in any weather conditions. On such a warm day like this, you might break a sweat, so the good thing about wearing wool is that the material can absorb moisture while letting you feel dry, cozy and comfortable. For this reason, it is recommended for babies, since they cannot express whether they are feeling too cold or too warm. Ah, no one listens to me... Hey, bring your little sister’s romper too! Do you hear me?!

Can I sleep in it? Can I, can I, can I, please Mommy, can I?

Do not even ask... Yes, of course! Natural and soft material that breathes, such as Merino wool, fits you snuggly and feels good when you put it on. Your base layer top and pants are flexible and strong enough to handle all the movements throughout the night. At last, I will not have to worry anymore that without a cozy blanket you will get chilly at night. Now sleepyhead, it is time to go to bed and count those sheep.