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February 01, 2024 3 min read

In today's world, it is crucial for individuals and businesses to prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly living. The pursuit of sustainability is already transforming the competitive landscape, prompting companies to rethink their approach to goods, technologies, operations, and business models. While many fashion businesses claim to prioritize sustainability, at menique, we go the extra mile to genuinely embody these values.

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality fabrics that are responsibly made while preserving the environment for future generations.

Sustainability: caring for the planet, people, and profits

Sustainability revolves around three essential aspects: protecting the environment, promoting social development, and ensuring economic growth.

At menique, we believe in open communication and willingly share our production practices with you. We support the social movement that encourages transparency by asking #WhoMadeMyFabric.

Joining this initiative, we share our story through #meniqueMadeYourFabric, fostering a stronger connection between producers and clients.

Ethical sourcing: kindness to animals with Merino wool

Our Merino wool is sourced responsibly from family farms in New Zealand and Australia. We prioritize high-quality and cruelty-free farming operations to ensure the responsible production of our fabric.

At menique, we hold deep respect and protection towards animals, and our Merino wool reflects this commitment. Unlike synthetic materials, Merino wool is biodegradable, naturally decomposing in soil over time and enriching the earth with valuable nutrients.

Linen collection: sustainable and beautiful

In 2020, we proudly launched our first Linen clothes collection. Linen production offers a sustainable alternative to cotton and other man-made fibers. It requires less water, energy, and chemicals, making it eco-friendly.

✔️ Linen's natural biodegradability ensures it returns to the earth, reducing landfill waste.

✔️ Linen dissolves quickly after disposal, unlike synthetic clothing which can take decades to break down.

✔️ Flax plants used to produce linen require fewer pesticides and water compared to other crops.

✔️ Linen's durability and long lifespan reduce the need for frequent replacement and overall textile waste.

Woman in rye field wearing lime green linen dress and holding an apple in one hand

Craftsmanship and ethical practices

Our garments are meticulously crafted in Lithuania, right in the heart of Europe. We maintain a safe working environment for our skilled craftsmen and women who have acquired technical expertise through years of experience.

We take great pride in our office space, which not only serves as a productive workspace but also houses a small sewing area. In this dedicated space, our skilled workers create beautiful garments with utmost care and precision.

One of our core principles is ensuring fair compensation for all our employees. We strongly believe in providing them with wages that reflect their expertise and dedication, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Moreover, we prioritize maintaining excellent working conditions throughout our office. We understand the importance of a comfortable and safe environment, and we go above and beyond to meet those standards. Our sewing area is designed to optimize productivity while prioritizing the well-being of our workers, from ergonomic seating to proper lighting and ventilation.

Furthermore, effective communication is vital to our success as a team. We have established an open-door policy, encouraging our employees to reach out to one another with any questions, concerns, or ideas they may have.

Our organic fabrics are made of OEKO-TEX certified materials, ensuring they naturally biodegrade within a short period. The presence of the OEKO-TEX® label on our products attests that both the raw materials and finished fabrics have been tested for harmful substances by accredited laboratories, meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

Plastic-free packaging: a pledge to zero waste

One of our primary goals at menique is to achieve zero waste, which is why we use plastic-free packaging for our products. Although it is a more expensive and resource-intensive option, we firmly believe that it is a worthwhile investment for the well-being of Mother Nature.

We minimize our environmental impact by eliminating plastic from our packaging and contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Preserving What Matters

At menique, we understand that our identity and success are closely tied to the gifts bestowed upon us by the Earth. That is why we are dedicated to preserving the things we all value.

Our aim is to inspire a fun and sustainable lifestyle that encourages people to spend more time outdoors, connecting with nature. By choosing menique, you have the opportunity to explore our beautiful planet with a clean conscience, ensuring a fair and bright future for all.

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while embracing a stylish and sustainable lifestyle.