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February 20, 2024 5 min read

Going all the way to 38,000 years back, there is a high chance that we will meet Egyptians wearing our beloved linen. Its history goes to ancient times when it was ideal for hot climates. As years went by, linen became more and more popular around the globe. In the last century, linen reached its peak in Europe. This fabric served its purpose not only as clothing but also as war equipment such as rope and tarpaulins.

Nowadays, we can see how much important is responsible consumerism and because of linen durability and environment-friendly features, its usage highly increased. From kids to elderly ones, everyone is charmed with natural fabric that has its unique benefits. As known, linen is an exceptionally strong material because of its parallel arrangements of the fiber, as for more it is a breathable, fresh, and comfortable material. But there is one doubt that everyone might have, “how properly take care of linen clothes?”. Hop in to find everything you need to know about menique linen clothes care.

How to wash linen clothes?

Although linen is a strong and firm material, it is important to know how to properly wash linen without causing any damage.

  1. First thing worth to know is that linen items can be machine and hand washed. But there is one rule to remember: avoid washing linen in hot or cold water. Linen washing temperature should not be above 30°C, the best option is lukewarm water.
  2. In machine wash, always set a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. This prevents from stretching and irritation of the material. We do not recommend bleaching linen.
  3. In both washing ways, leave plenty of space for linen clothes and do not overload with other laundry. Untangle all linen laundry and pay attention to color and weight, always wash linen in the same color shade.
  4. Hand washing is more practical when linen clothes are not heavily soiled. It is recommended to use gentle motions and avoid twisting, scrubbing, and wringing the fabric. This will help to reduce creases.
  5. Use tumble dry for linen clothes, as long as it does not hit 30°C temperature, and take out while linen item is still damp.
  6. Drying process should be done carefully. After washing, linen gets crumpled, therefore it is important to lie flat without any wrinkling. Do not let it dry too much, because after that linen could lose its flexibility.


    Can I use softener on my linen clothes?

    No, it's generally recommended to avoid using fabric softener on linen clothing. Fabric softeners can leave a residue on linen fibers, affecting their natural texture and reducing their absorbency and breathability. Linen is prized for its crisp and slightly textured feel, and using fabric softener can diminish these qualities.

    How to do it the natural way?

    1. Repeated Washing: Laundering is the best way to remove additives and make your linen soft. The more often you launder, the softer it will become.

    2. White Vinegar: White vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener, helping to break down any stiffness in the linen while also removing any detergent residue, leaving the fabric feeling soft and fresh.

    How to keep linen from wrinkling?

    One thing for sure, linen is famous for its wrinkles. Some may find it fashionable and appealing, while others may see it messy and crumpled. Even if it is hard to prevent wrinkles while in active wearing, there are many ways to prepare linen for the next day.

    You should know, that it is important to take good care after wash. Linen should be dried as straight as possible, given some good and hard shakes. Try to avoid clips, cords, and other things that may have some creasy footprint on linen items. If there is a need for ironing, this should be done while linen clothes are still damp. Iron it with medium heat and a lot of steam while choosing the reverse side of the clothes (this will prevent the good side from color shining and fading). Psst, there is also a quick tip for those who are in a hurry. Just sprinkle a little bit of lukewarm water on the wrinkles and flatten it down for a few minutes or dry it with a hairdryer.

    How to remove stains from linen clothes?

    If you accidentally had stains on your linen clothes, you can get rid of them by following these tips:

    • pour salt or baking soda, it absorbs liquids;
    • rinse in cold water and then re-wash it;
    • wash linen with a soft stain remover (never use bleach and softener);
    • try to avoid rubbing a stain, because it will get deeper into the fabric.

    Remember, that after each method you should re-wash your linen clothes at a 30°C temperature.

    How to remove candle wax from linen clothes?

    For efficient removal, you should freeze the wax with a cold ice cube. After that, you should wait till the candle wax has hardened and then gently remove it with a dull knife. If there are any leftovers in the fabric, grab a hairdryer or iron and heat the area. After the removal of the wax, there will be left an oil-based stain, which can be washed or removed using acetone.

    Does linen clothes shrink when washed?

    Yes, it is natural for linen to shrink about 4% while being washed. To maintain your linen clothes, avoid hot and cold water, dry while they are still damp, use mild temperature while ironing and try not to rub, twist or scrub while hand washing.

    4 Ways how to restore shrunken linen items?

    Use these efficient techniques to return your shrunk linen clothing items to their initial dimensions and form.

    1. Gentle Stretching

    After washing, while your linen item is still damp, gently stretch it back to its original shape. Focus on areas where shrinkage is most noticeable, such as sleeves or hems. Take care not to pull too forcefully, as linen fibers can be delicate.

    2. Steam Treatment

    Steam is a powerful ally in restoring shape to shrunken linen. Hang your linen garment in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, allowing the steam to penetrate the fibers. Alternatively, use a garment steamer or iron with a steam function to carefully steam the fabric back to its original dimensions.

    3. Damp Towel Method

    Lay your shrunken linen item flat on a clean towel. Roll the towel tightly, pressing gently to squeeze out excess moisture. Leave the rolled towel for several hours, allowing the moisture to redistribute evenly throughout the fabric. Unroll and reshape the garment while still damp, then allow it to air dry completely.

    4. Prevention is Key

    While it's essential to know how to restore shrunken linen, prevention is always preferable. To minimize shrinkage, adhere to proper washing techniques – avoid hot water, opt for gentle cycles, and air dry whenever possible. With careful attention to laundering, you can help preserve your linen's size and shape for years to come.

    Linen is a very exceptional material, that needs to be taken care of with responsibility. In order to have a fresh, luxurious and good-looking product, it is very important to properly follow care guides for maximum results. If your linen clothes receive the right attention, it will serve you for many years. With this kind of care, one day it could belong to the future generations.