Women's Merino Beanie and Gaiter Set Power Mango

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Power mango
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Crafted from a knit which contains only Merino wool fibers, the matching set features neck gaiter and matching beanie hat. Both garments absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture while keeping you cool and dry.

If you are picky about beanies or gaiters and like more trendy style, this bright set is exactly what you are looking for – stylish and functional. The best part? Its bright mango color. Carefully crafted with natural moisture-wicking Merino wool, each knitted accessory can easily fit under a hood, helmet, or into a pocket (if you want to take it off).

No matter the weather, wear the best apparels and accessories to protect yourself against the cold elements. Our exclusive set of beanie hat and gaiter shields you from the fluctuations in the temperature and helps you to look chick while providing performance-enhancing solutions. The stretchy and comfortable pieces have antibacterial and wicking properties to effectively move moisture away from your body before the vapor turns into a sweat. At that point, you will stay fresh, warm, and dry, especially during the cooler months.

Designed for
  • hiking through the woods
  • going out with friends
  • decorating your house
  • GENDER: Unisex
    TYPE: Headwear
    FABRIC: 100% Wool Merino
    FABRIC WEIGHT: Double 160 Lightweight
    SEASON: Autumn/Winter
    MADE IN: Lithuania