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February 24, 2022 4 min read

These days fashion industry is loaded with various types of fabrics. From organic to synthetic ones, all to fulfill your needs and wants with a perfect piece of clothing. However, more and more humans are turning to eco-friendly apparel, which brings multiple valuable features and suits those with sensitive skin. Here comes the place for introducing you to Linen. Carefully made from the flax plant, Linen is 100% natural cloth that can be worn by people of all ages, from kids to elderly ones.

Although Linen fibers nowadays take only a small amount of all textiles worldwide, they were used quite frequently 200 years ago. Has Linen lost his charm? We do not think so but see it yourself. Bellow we sorted out 8 benefits you just must know about Linen before renewing your wardrobe.

Exceptionally Strong

When it comes to durability, Linen garments should be your number one choice. Due to the parallel arrangements of the fiber, flax cloths are much sturdier than any other material. Abrasion-resistant natural flax yarns stand out by their ability to keep excellent functionality, even after years of wearing. Although we are used to getting new clothes for every new season, once you try out Linen apparel – it will be an irreplaceable part of your wardrobe for at least a decade. Yes, that is how strong the flax is.

Incredibly Airy

In humid and warm weather, Linen garments could be your life-saver. Because of the inherently loose weave of the cloth, more air can flow through the fiber, making it incredibly breathable. Amazingly flowy clothes, which tend to absorb moisture and sweat quite quickly, ensure maximum performance even on the most challenging days. According to the European Linen comfort study and their tests, linen is No 1 for ventilation, breathability and absorption. Most people believe that Linen is suited only for summer season, but to tell the truth, it works wonderfully for cooler weather too. When it is cool outside, Linen apparel captures the airflow and efficiently holds on the warmth to keep your body tepid. 

Gentle to the Skin

When on the move, you certainly need to cover yourself in something soft and gentle that feels like a second skin. Linen is made from a flax plant which requires no chemicals to grow and produce.  Therefore, the 100% fabric not only looks down-to-earth, but it is also great for both the Earth and your skin. Fax yarns are also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to any type of mold, bacteria, or fungus, making the cloths perfect for people suffering from allergies. Many fibers let to build up the moisture which later on turns into a wonderful ecosystem for microbes to breed, but with Linen everything is different. Exceptionally tender and allergy-friendly Linen apparel treats the most sensitive skin with great care so that you can enjoy your life without painfulness or itchiness.

Woman wearing caramel brown linen tunic and holding flowers in her hands

Always Fresh

Sweat is the thing that nobody likes or wants, but during warmer days there are no ways to outrun it, right? However, organic and soft-to-skin Linen features amazing moisture-wicking properties that protect you from getting too moist or sweaty. Due to the antibacterial qualities of the material, quickly drying Linen garments are as well resistant to any type of odor, meaning you will invariably feel refreshed and ready for your everyday adventures. Always having your back and letting you fully enjoy any kind of activities you like – that is what Linen apparel means.

Flowy Comfort

Whatever the day is preparing for you, comfortable attire is a must. Although Linen is not as stretchy as Merino wool or cotton, it still gives the relaxed fit and ultimate freedom to take care of your daily tasks. Because of the loose weave of the cloth, Linen garments are airy and flowy. Organic fiber feels like nothing on the skin and wonderfully suits all types of weather. Wrap yourself in a comfortable piece of Linen and enjoy lightness wherever you go.

Effortless Maintenance

Due to the Linen’s ability to evaporate moisture extremely quickly, it does not accumulate static electricity, which in turn attracts less stain and dust. Although it may seem at first that flax plant attire requires special treatment, it is not the case here. When put in water, Linen becomes even stronger and softer, therefore it is completely safe to use a washing machine.   Every linen piece is designed to retain shape, hold seam integrity, and become even more comfortable with each wash.

While wrinkles might be the reason you choose not to buy Linen apparel, it is actually the most beautiful part of the fabric valued by many. When wrinkly silk or cotton looks messy, Linen shows off its effortless elegance, making it an incredible wear for everyone on any occasion.

Linen slip dress

Goes Back to Earth

Whether you are just starting to make a change or have always been conscious about green attire, Linen fabric should be dominating your wardrobe. Interestingly, the production of Linen uses less water and energy as compared to cotton or other man-made fibers and does not involve any chemicals in the process. Another important fact to keep in mind is that this all-natural fiber will naturally biodegrade instead of reaching its end-of-life in a landfill. If synthetic garments may take from 20 to 200 years to biodegrade, eco-friendly cloths can decompose in just a few weeks, when thrown away. Therefore, Linen clothing is safe not only for your everyday wear but for our Mother Nature too.

Last Thoughts

Considered as one of the oldest fabrics in the world, Linen is a sustainable and organic material which have been and will remain a mainstay in our closets. The fabric is elegant, but versatile; it is timeless, but can easily translate onto more on-trend silhouettes, or whatever style you are currently into. If you treat it right, Linen clothes can become your favorite wear, supporting you in every adventure that comes your way. All year long.