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October 01, 2020 5 min read

Where oh where has the summer gone? It happened again. You blinked and the lazy warm days passed before your eyes. As much as we love summertime (sunny sky, warm temperature, and BBQ parties), season change always feels like a life reset. Now, that fall is upon us, it's finally time to tackle the tricky seasonal wardrobe switch and say goodbye to your slip dresses and sandals for the next eight-plus months.

At first, it can be hard to even remember what it’s like to get dressed for cooler temperatures. Your first inclination might be to instantly grab a puffer jacket or a teddy fleece coat. But it’s better to take things slowly, especially since the weather can be fickle during this time of the year – it can feel like winter one day and summer the next, mornings are often crispy, but by the time you head out to grab some lunch things could be sweltering. Luckily, we’ve got some sneaky tips on how to dress for this weird transitional weather that will put you in the mood and still keep you warm.

✔️ Trick 1: Time to layer up

In fall or any other tricky weather, it’s all about layering game. This tried-and-tested strategy lets you regulate comfort by slipping clothes on and off as your activity intensity or the temperature changes. From the workplace to strolls through the forest, to a Friday evening get-together with your family, there’s a way to layer clothes for everything.

The key is to start small, with a high-quality lightweight base layer under everything you wear. Ideally, this piece will be fitting and hug your body tightly. Short-sleevedor long-sleeved topsin neutral colors are the best choices for your base layer. Neutral colors like black, off-white, or gray can easily match with the other layers you put on. Keep in mind, if the weather gets sweaty, your first layer could end up being the only one you’re wearing. Bonus tip: If you start with a thermal tee, you only need one or two more layers on top to stay warm and cozy.

Things start to get more interesting with a mid-layer. Vests, sweaters, blazers, or other midweight pullovers are all good options for your insulating layer. Since more of this item will be shown, think about introducing color and patterns. Choose a top that you like, that matches the rest of your outfit and that is made from functional and comfortable materials like thermal Merino wool. Next, pair all of this with matching leggings for a sporty look or with classic jeans for a smart casual vibe – there is much to play with.

✔️ Trick 2: Colors in full swing

With fall looming, you may be tempted to give up on the bright color palette of your summer closet and make room for darker hues. Black, brown, gray, or deep blue are a few options of the season’s most classic shades. But to truly embrace the fall beauty, your wardrobe requires some vibrant outfits, too. Just because it may technically be cooler season on the calendar, it doesn’t mean you need to put colors away. Judge it by the weather, if it’s still toasty out, feel free to rock your lightweight yellow top or red sweater.

Looking for a bonus way to add spice and warmth to your outfit? Adding extra fall or winter fashion accessories will not only ensure you feel cozy but will give you a chance to express your personality. Use gaiters, hats, scarves, and other soft accessories to compliment your individual pieces or add an extra level of interest. Choose your favorite color and keep your head or neck warm while showing off your style. Plus, you never know when the weather will change for the worse, and you’ll be happy you have them with you, just in case.

✔️ Trick 3: Breathable is best

One day it's hot, the next day it's cold, but it’s not a great reason to ditch your lighter clothing pieces.  The number one rule for having a great transitional wardrobe is to arm yourself with lightweightpiecesthat can be styled just as well for sticky end-of-summer days as they can in the depths of fall.

To do that with ease, you must stock your closet with the basics. Short-sleeved and sleeveless tops layer nicely under most sweaters and cardigans and are very practical for fluctuating temperatures. A versatile scarf can also be a great strategy, especially the ones from linen or lightweight wool, they add a little warmth in the morning and can be removed when the temperature rises in the afternoon.

Since we uncovered the truth of light layering, let’s discuss one more rule to keep your wardrobe weather-appropriate. We’d highly recommend choosing breathable staples that can be worn solo or layered with a scarf or sleeveless pieces. Breathable fabrics don’t hold in heat, so you’re less likely to sweat in the afternoon sun. However, the goal is not only to transition from chill to warmth, but also to maximize the longevity and versatility of your clothes, and breathable fabrics can take you from early summer to late fall.

✔️ Trick 4: Choose the right fabrics

You might have heard it before, but once again: ‘Less is always more’. You should aim to have only a few high-quality key staples and essentials that can coexist together beautifully to give you a unique touch of personal style. Look for quality pieces and remember – fit is everything.

Choose a base layer top or long-sleeved crew crafted from fabrics such as linen or Merino wool. These fabrics are moisture-wicking and therefore will regulate your temperature to leave you feeling comfortable throughout the day – the perfect layering essential. Whether you’re lounging on the couch, doing the quick run, or dashing between meetings, stay comfortable in super soft and functional pieces.

There are some fundamental must-have clothes that a women’s fall wardrobe shouldn’t be without, like a basic tee, good sweater, pair of jeans, coat, and long sleeve pullover, but stick to what styles work best for you and keep it refreshing in unexpected and inventive ways.

In a word

Ah, fall – there are tons of reasons to absolutely adore you. With the cooling temperatures and the beautiful changes in the leaves, now is the perfect time to embrace the new season that’s about to come your way. Follow these tips and tricks, focus on what you like wearing, try something new, and you’ll nail transitional weather style easy. Once you have clearly defined your overall outfit direction for these months, it is time to go shopping!