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November 11, 2021 2 min read

Christmas is one of the coziest and warmest holidays, celebrated all around the world. For most people, it is probably the happiest time of the year because kids come back from works, colleges, foreign countries, and all family members come together to catch up and spend some time together.

Some individuals start the preparations and decorating early in the month because they want everything to be perfect. Christmas Tree, presents, Christmas stockings, mistletoe, and bright-colored decorations go without saying. This jolly celebration is all about happy, vivid, sparkling colors, so today we are here to help you plan the perfect classical Christmas color palette for decorations andmatching family outfits.

History Behind the Colors

When we think about Christmas, the first two colors that pop into the head are red and green. Some of us can’t even imagine our holidays without having the house covered in red and green colored decorations. These colors have been associated with winter celebrations for centuries. Actually, ancient Celtic peoples appreciated red- and green-colored holly plants for being evergreen, and believed holly was meant to keep Earth beautiful during the dead of winter. They used the bright plant as a symbol of prosperity in their celebrations. Later the churches adopted these colors but the main brand we have to thank for popularizing red and green as Winter colors is Coca-Cola.

Dad and daughter on the chair

Importance of the Colors of Christmas

Colors make you feel a certain way. Every shade indicates different emotions, feelings, and symbols. But have you ever thought about what these colors mean? Red has always been linked with love, courage, romance, but can sometimes signify the blood and death of Jesus Christ, while green symbolizes life, vitality, money, good luck, and health.

These two colors are like opposition to each other, making them a perfect pair. Another color, that gets mentioned way less but is irreplaceable for Christmas or any other celebration, really, is the color of the snow – white. This is the symbol of purity, cleanliness, and the triumph of good over evil. White makes us feel light, fresh, and free. The red, green, and white combo is very dynamic, energetic, happy, and helps to create a jolly setting for your family gathering.

What To Wear on Christmas?

If you are a person, for whom every detail is important and has to be perfect, then you have probably already planned the decorations and started thinking about family outfits. It is clear to you that Christmas clothes are as important as other decorations because our garments can add confidence and create a certain mood. For the winter holiday celebration at home, the most important things when choosing clothes are comfort and warmth. Nothing adds more coziness than opening presents on Christmas morning while wearing soft matching family pajamas.

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We recommend harmonizing the traditional Christmas decorations with dark green, royal cherry, and natural white-colored garments, which will make your gathering even more festive and special. Even if you decide to try new, non-traditional Christmas colors, make sure to visit menique shop because here we offer a wide array of bright-colored outfits and accessories for you to match holiday vibe and have the most comfortable and cozy Christmas.