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January 31, 2022 4 min read

When producing clothing, the fashion industry uses a wide array of materials. Some are natural, some are better for the environment. That is where Merino wool comes in. A popular alternative to cotton and synthetic materials for the eco-conscious humans, allergy-sufferers, and enthusiasts who appreciate the value of comfort. This amazingly soft wool has increased in popularity over recent years, and now is one of the most sought-after materials in the outdoor world. But is it worth the hype? Below we break down some of the reasons why you may choose Merino fabric over its traditional counterparts.

Admirably breathable

When the temperature outside gets hot to fry an egg, you need to wear clothes that work for you and not against you. A lightweight Merino wool is a flowy and breathable fiber which allows air to circulate and move freely through the outer surface of the fabric. This means that it rapidly wicks moisture away from the skin and ensures maximum performance out on the pitch while keeping your body sweat-free. For this reason, the wool yarn remains dry to the touch. So, if you anticipate a sweat coming on, wear Merino – it is both ideal for working out in the heat and for casual occasions.

Cozy across temperatures

Just imagine how you will live differently if your clothes could be worn, and serve the appropriate purpose, season-to-season. Merino is widely popular for the reason – this wool is a truly all-weather fiber that works for every day. Forget a summer and a winter wardrobe – with Merino clothing you can relax in the heat, and feel warm in the colder months. The fabric has tiny crimps which trap the body heat very efficiently between the fibers, making it warmer than a synthetic alternative. However, it can also prevent you from overheating, since Merino regulates body temperature very well and reacts to changes in ambiance. These thermoregulation properties make Merino garments wearable for any time of the year for any occasion. 

Incredibly soft to touch

When you are out on a picnic or just sitting around a fire with friends sharing stories, there is nothing better than curling up in a cozy shirt. A lovely soft apparel can make your day a memorable one. Even though most wool is infamous for being an itchy fabric, Merino breaks all the stereotypes. It has finer and more refined fibers that make it softer and smoother against your skin. Merino clothes are commonly worn as daily pieces, but they are also a great choice for long-distance activities like hiking or marathon running. As a next-to-skin layer, Merino wool is hard to beat. Wrap around your body and enjoy the unique effect.

Wonderfully sun-smart

Aside from being breathable, moisture-wicking, and extra-soft, a real benefit of Merino wool is that it can naturally shield you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. As the wool fibers are efficient absorbers of radiation, even the thin summer samples (160gsm/m2) have an UPF of about 40 (Gamblicher et al, 2001). On top of that, Merino tops are also an ideal choice for everyday wear in hot countries and your beach wardrobe – they are light and easy to put on over wet bodies. Enjoy yourself in the sun without compromising your health or style by wearing sun-safe clothes.

Exceptionally fresh

Want to wear the same T-shirt every single day for two weeks? Merino is your new solution to long-lasting freshness. Unpleasant odors are the result of microorganisms that feed on moisture and humidity. However, Merino wool is highly antibacterial and antimicrobial due to the presence of lanolin and keratin. For this reason, woolen apparels are naturally odor-resistant meaning it can stay clean and scent-free for days, weeks and even months of wear, when properly cared for. At that point, items do not need regular washing, unlike synthetic fibers. From traveling around the world to the everyday wear, the instant chill is guaranteed; The coolest of the cool.

Surprisingly strong

Are you taking a stroll to catch some fresh air? Looking for confidence every day of the year? From workout to meeting up with friends, Merino apparels will always be by your side. Natural elasticity helps clothes stretch comfortably with the body and return to their original shape more easily. And as Merino fibers are so fine, they can withstand lots of tumbling – in the wash or your luggage. So, fine wool clothing is ideal to wear during exercise, but also outside of the gym. Wherever on the go takes you, Merino wool acts like a second skin.

Extremely easy to care

Fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and easy-care work for every kind of adventure – from city touring to wilderness exploring. Because Merino can absorb moisture vapor, it tends not to generate static electricity, helping it to attract less dust. The natural properties of wool make it resistant to stains so clothing does not need to be washed as frequently as believed. However, when you do finally have to wash it, nothing could be simpler. No need for high temperatures – Merino is self-cleaning in water and easily releases the dirt. Plus, this fiber is very elastic so requires less ironing. After washing, clothes recover their shape without wrinkling.

Greatly kind to the Earth

Choosing sustainable fabrics is one of the main things we can do to make our wardrobes green. Considered as a renewable and biodegradable resource, Merino wool is an all-natural and highly versatile material which grows on the back of thousands of little fluffy fellas. So, it is the perfect choice for those who are seeking a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. When Merino fiber is disposed of, it takes only a few years to decompose in soil, releasing beneficial nutrients back into earth. Therefore, Merino clothes are completely safe for everyone, for everyday, but in particular for those who have sensitive skin.

Merino is an extremely advanced material used in sheets, blankets, or a number of other household textiles. Due to its luxurious softness and durability, however, this fabric is most commonly used for apparels. Underwear, socks, trousers, t-shirts are particularly popular and other garments that make direct contact with the skin. Treat it with respect and your trusty Merino piece will give you years of loyal service. Period.