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Warm base layer, extra-thick sweater, winter leggings… Something is missing? Our little fellas love to spend their time outside as much as they can, thus we need to make sure that they are completely toasty and comfy, especially on chilly and breezy winter or fall days. This cannot be done without snuggly socks, warm mittens, or cozy beanies. Made from an organic mix of Merino wool and cashmere, our knit accessories for kids will gently wrap your baby and keep them fresh and cozy. Do not forget to take care of your toddlers’ ears and nose too. Breathable bear balaclavas, made from 100% Merino wool, will softly snug the ears, face, and neck, so no frosty wind could get in. Keep your mini-humans cozy and warm – check out our colorful accessories, which fit perfectly for boys as well as girls.