Men's Headband 160 Merino Dark Blue

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Designed to stay firmly in place, the flexible accessory has a wide band to keep the bouncing hair and sweat off your face as you move. Due to the moisture-wicking fabric, it keeps your head cool and dry so you can go the distance without overheating.

Headphones, sneakers, and a water bottle are surefire staples in your workout bag, but there is another item that should be on your list – a functional headband. When it comes to warmth and nonslip security, menique sweatband is the best of the best. It is made to stay put during any and all activities (including winter sports) and stop the sweat that would otherwise be running down your face.

With a plenty of functionality, the menique accessory traps warmth and blocks the wind, keeping your head with ears extra-toasty. Plus, the versatile hairband features double 160gsm material so you can wear it under a hat or helmet. At 9.5cm wide, the bandana can be worn on the top of the head or over the forehead to hold your hair in place. Or, fold in half for a thinner look. This model comes in different colors so you can grab a different hue to match your gear.

Designed for
  • Hiking through the woods
  • Living at the gym
  • Going on a bike ride
  • GENDER: Male
    TYPE: Headwear
    FABRIC: 100% Wool Merino
    FABRIC WEIGHT: Double 160 Lightweight
    SEASON: All-year round
    MADE IN: Lithuania