Men's Merino 160 Boxer Briefs Royal Cherry

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Royal cherry
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Perfect for both working out and everyday wear, the menique men’s boxers are comfortable and long-lasting. The lightweight briefs hug perfectly the contours of what is below the man’s waist and hold the manhood in place.

If lightweight underwear is your thing, then look no further – these flattering trunks are for you. Our extra fitted joints are your best bet for comfort on the go – they provide exceptional support and help to keep everything in the right place. Cleanly designed and elegant, a pair that gives you a feeling of not wearing underwear.

This revolutionary garment comes with thermoregulation properties that can prevent overheating for the entire day and improve comfort by rapidly moving moisture away from the skin. Breathable and anti-odor briefs include an elasticated waistband featuring menique logo, which is soft enough to be comfortable without losing the gripping power. Even after dozens of washes, these trunks keep their shape and royal cherry color. The non-irritating seams and tagless design make them perfect for athletic use. Ready to wear as soon as you open this pack.

Designed for
  • working out
  • everyday wear
  • active lifestyle
  • GENDER: Male
    TYPE: Boxers
    FABRIC: 100% Wool Merino
    FABRIC WEIGHT: 160 Lightweight
    MADE IN: Lithuania