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Either for a cold winter or an extremely warm summer, our Merino wool clothes are your way out during any weather. 100% Merino wool clothes and accessories collection for all – women, men, and kids. Match our comfortable Merino clothing with your whole family. Here you can find leggings, long sleeve or short sleeve tops for everyone, and children’s balaclavas or rompers. Lightweight clothing is perfect for warm weather because the fabric can evaporate moisture into the air. In winter, use them as a base layer under sweaters or a comfy home outfit. For outdoor sports, choose Merino headbands, gaiters, or beanies, and if you are a fan of good comfort – Merino boxers for men and women are your next purchases. If you are searching for warm accessories, here you will find knitted Merino wool beanies, gloves, gaiters, and dickies for men, women, and toddlers. Be ready to climb every mountain because with the comfort that menique has to offer, your effort will be at a maximum. Pick your Merino outfit for the whole family.